Prominent Jew Tells Us the Ugly Truth…

A prominent Jew finally has had it up to here and can’t hold it back anymore: the “Holocaust” is a big lie and extortion racket; Germany is innocent of WWII; and Hitler was the only one who could have saved the world from the plutocratic and Jewish threat to subjugate the planet, which has happened since… Yes, a prominent Jew says all this. You’ve got to read it to believe it!:

Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

By Gerard Menuhin

This book is of monumental importance for the people of the world today. Many know that something is not right in the world. Nations engage in perpetual war while bankers and armaments makers line their pockets from the carnage. The average citizen of the world has been cut out of the decision-making process of government, whether he lives in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship. All the while, the ruling elite grow stronger and richer, as the real producers struggle to survive. Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppet masters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view.

How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

The book consists of three sections. The first is about the Holocaust and its claimed perpetrator, Adolf Hitler. The second section enlarges on the activities of the real culprits and provides a historical overview of their progress, their nature, their power over finance and the media, and the methods by which they achieved it. The third section concerns the two World Wars; current laws against freedom of expression, and the evolution of the Orwellian state.

The author is the son of the great American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who, though from a long line of rabbinical ancestors, fiercely criticized the foreign policy of the state of Israel and its repression of the Palestinians in the Holy Land.


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We also put a vintage book back in print:

Exactitude: Festschrift for Robert Faurisson.

This book is celebrating Robert Faurisson. It was a birthday present published on occasion of R. Faurisson’s 75th birthday some 11 years ago, Since it has never been available in the UK, we put it back in print – worldwide. It contains a number of essays describing, summarizing and celebrating the man, his work and the impact it has.

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