We’ve Written the Word—Now You Help Spread It

We’ve Written the Word—Now You Help Spread It:

Holocaust Skepticism

20 Questions and Answers about Holocaust Revisionism

Our new, slick, 16-page booklet Holocaust Skepticism, is Revisionism 101. Obviously, it’s only for the open-minded, the receptive, the curious, or otherwise put, those not irremediably brainwashed.

These aren’t many. Can you help find them? If ONE more person agreed with me about the Holocaust, that would almost double the number of those who do. Maybe you have more revisionist friends than I do; if so, lucky you, but perhaps you should get out more, if only for the cause.

Holocaust Skepticism can be downloaded in a form that should be easy to produce on paper, in color or black-and-white. And you can order beautiful, magazine-grade copies for placement in doctor’s offices and salons wherever you go. Me, I leave them in bars, since that’s where I most go.

Wherever you go in this brave, new world, consider leaving off one, two, or even three copies of Holocaust Skepticism.

It’ll make this world a better place, and not just for us. For them, too.

-Jett Rucker
CODOH Volunteer

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