Auschwitz – Forensically Examined

It is amazing what modern forensic crime-scene investigations can find out. This is also true for the Holocaust. There are many big tomes about this, such as Rudolf’s 400+ page book on the “Chemistry of Auschwitz,” or Mattogno’s 1200-page work on the cremation furnaces of Auschwitz. But who reads those door-stops?

Here is a booklet that condenses the most-important findings of Auschwitz forensics into a nut-shell, quick and easy to read.

Auschwitz –
Forensically Examined

By Cyrus Cox

This booklet of 124 pages offers an overview of the various forensic investigations on Auschwitz carried out so far. In the first section, a number of the forensic investigations conducted since the end of World War II are briefly introduced. In the second section, the most-important results of these studies are summarized in such a way as to making them accessible to everyone. The third section reports on how the establishment has reacted to these research results. If you want to read the results of forensic research on Auschwitz in a nutshell, this is the booklet to get.

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