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Due to the Double-Plus Bad Cold, our printer launched a special offer during April and May: they waived all fees to set up new titles and submit revised files for already existing titles. Hence we got busy and made sure we can take maximum advantage of this special offer.

We won’t bother you with all the titles that have received a face-lift by deleting the occasional typo etc. However, during the past six weeks we have released one completely new title, and we issued six new editions of already existing titles. (All of them members of our series Holocaust Handbooks). We hope you enjoy reading about them, and maybe even reading them. […]

And here are the details of our releases, with links to where you can find out more and put them into our shopping cart, if you so desire.

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New Book

T. Dalton: Streicher, Rosenberg, and the Jews

If we want to understand the origins of the current mainstream narrative on the Holocaust, we need to go back to the beginnings to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. During that trial, the “Jewish Question” took center stage for the defendants Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher. Here is a critically commented look into how the prosecution and the defense argued their cases. This book expands Dalton’s series on this issues, which include Hitler on the Jews and Goebbels on the Jews.

Also available as affordable eBook editions.

New Editions of Already Existing Books

C. Mattogno, M. Nyiszli: An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account (HH, Vol. 37)

2nd, corrected edition of June 2020! Nyiszli, a Hungarian physician, ended up at Auschwitz in 1944 as Dr. Mengele’s assistant. After the war he wrote a book and several other writings describing what he claimed to have experienced. To this day some traditional historians take his accounts seriously, while others reject them as grotesque lies and exaggerations. This study presents and analyses Nyiszli’s writings and skilfully separates truth from fabulous fabrication.

Also available as affordable eBook editions.

J. Graf, C. Mattogno: Treblinka (HH, Vol. 8)

3rd, updated edition, May 2020. It is claimed that at Treblinka Camp, between 700,000 and 3,000,000 Jews were murdered in 1942 and 1943. The weapons used were alleged to have been stationary and/or mobile gas chambers, poison gases of both fast acting and slow acting varieties, unslaked lime, superheated steam, electricity, diesel exhaust fumes… This thorough study exposes the Treblinka hoax…

Also available as affordable eBook editions.

G. Rudolf: The Chemistry of Auschwitz (HH, Vol. 2)

4th, updated edition, April 2020 (available in full-color or b&w). Auschwitz was a center of chemistry. The German chemical industry built gigantic factories for rubber and fuel, and the SS experimented with natural sources of rubber. But that’s not what we associate with the name “Auschwitz.” We think of gas chambers and Zyklon B, two chemical things as well. How did the gas chambers look like? How did they operate? What was Zyklon B? How does it kill? Did it leave traces that can be found still today? These and other questions are thoroughly examined.

Also available as affordable eBook editions.

G. Rudolf (ed.): Air-Photo Evidence (HH, Vol. 27)

6th, updated edition, May 2020. During WW2 German and Allied aircraft took countless air photos, which today are evidence when investigating the Holocaust. Photos of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Babij Yar etc. permit an insight into what happened there. This book is full of air photo reproductions and schematic drawings explaining them. These images refute many of the atrocity claims made by witnesses in connection with events in the German sphere of influence.

Also available as affordable PDF-eBook edition.

J. Graf, T. Kues, C. Mattogno: Sobibor (HH, Vol. 19)

2nd, updated edition, May 2020. Between 25,000 and 2,000,000 Jews are said to have been killed in gas chambers in the Sobibór Camp in eastern Poland between May 1942 and October 1943. The corpses were allegedly buried in mass graves and later incinerated on pyres. This book investigates these claims and shows that they are not based on solid evidence, but on the selective use of eye-witness testimonies, which in turn are riddled with contradictions and outright absurdities. In 2000-2001, archeological surveys of the camp were initiated…

Also available as affordable eBook editions.

W. Routledge: Elie Wiesel, Saint of the Holocaust (HH, Vol. 30. Note the changed title)

3rd, updated edition! The world’s first independent biography of Elie Wiesel shines the light of truth on this mythomaniac who has transformed the word “Holocaust” into the brand name of the world’s greatest hoax. Here, both Wiesel’s personal deceits and the whole myth of “the six million” are laid bare for the reader’s perusal. It shows how Zionist control of the U.S. Government as well as the nation’s media and academic apparatus has allowed Wiesel and his fellow extremists to force a string of U.S. presidents to genuflect before this imposter as symbolic acts of subordination to World Jewry, while simultaneously forcing U.S. school children to submit to Holocaust brainwashing by their teachers…

Also available as affordable eBook editions.


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