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First of all, Castle Hill Publishers have a new logo which we will start using for our online appearances shortly, see to the right. We’re still fine-tuning it, together with a new design for the website, but that’s pretty much what it will look like. I created the old one back in 1998 with rather primitive software and little design skills. For this one we hired a professional, and it’s looking good, I think.

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Carlo Mattogno: The Making of the Auschwitz Myth (27 November 2020)

In early 2018, Carlo Mattogno sent us the “final” Italian version of this book. In late 2018, when we were almost done translating it from Italian into English, Carlo told us that he had split the book into two separate studies and had completely rewritten the first part. We were not pleased. When I returned to that project this past September, it turned out that Carlo had made more changes to the whole project, so we had to do a lot of comparing of what we had with what he gave us as the final, published version. Now I am translating this from scratch into German (I’m half-way through), and I discover a lot of issues with the just-publish English edition, some of them resulting from the book’s having been split in two. This means that we will soon release a corrected, second edition of this accursed project… (sometime early next year). This is Volume 41 of our Holocaust Handbooks.

Germar Rudolf: Moral Turpitude (28 September 2020)

I have already written two autobiographical books. This is a third one, but it is of a very different nature from anything I have written so far. This volume is neither about history nor politics, but rather about how one can collide head-on, due to cultural differences, with another country’s legal system which is so perverse that one has no chance to defend oneself against absurd accusations…

Germar Rudolf: Auschwitz: Technik und Betrieb der Gaskammern (15 August 2020)

The German version of this volume (the English one appeared more than two years ago) was supposed to have been published by Verlag Wieland Körner, Bremen, about two years ago, together with a reprint of the opus magnum by the late French historian Jean-Claude Pressac bearing the same title (in English), but Körner’s publishing house was forcibly dissolved and he was “sonderbehandelt” by the German authorities. (We do not know the exact details.) After a two-year wait we felt compelled to publish the work separately and without Körner’s reprint. This is Volume 42 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Carlo Mattogno: Museumslügen (4 August 2020)

This is the German translation of Volume 38 in our prestigious Holocaust Handbooks. Its publication was delayed due to the fact that the author of the first part of the book, Eric Hunt, reneged three years ago and insisted that the materials he created no longer be used by us. We therefore had to rewrite the first part…

Thomas Dalton: Streicher, Rosenberg, and the Jews (1 June 2020)

Thomas Dalton has had it with the Jews, so he keeps on dishing it out. This one was a “quickie” in terms of how fast it was put together, since it is based mainly on the transcripts of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal of 1945/46: “If we want to understand the origins of the current mainstream narrative on the Holocaust, we need to go back to the beginnings to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. During that trial, the ‘Jewish Question’ took center stage for the defendants Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher. Here is a critically commented look into how the prosecution and the defense argued their cases.”

Jürgen Graf: Auschwitz: Augenzeugenberichte und Tätergeständnisse des Holocaust (27 May 2020)

Jürgen Graf’s groundbreaking study on testimonies about Auschwitz first appeared in 1994. In the summer of 2018, we published a completely revised German edition (Volume 36 of the Holocaust Handbooks). After we published an English translation in July 2019, it was clear that a corrected German edition was necessary because errors and defects in the original always appear during translation. It took 10 months to get to that point, mainly because COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to pull out old projects that I hadn’t been able to do.

Due to the economic hardships caused by COVID-19, our printer made a special offer in April and May: all new-book setup fees were waived. So, I got off my behind and saw to it that all sorts of books where corrections and revisions were due were waived through, either as new editions where significant changes were made, or just as new print files where only a few spelling mistakes had been corrected. Here, in the reverse order in which they were released, are the books that have appeared as new editions – without further comments and without cover images:

Carlo Mattogno: “Im Jenseits der Menschlichkeit” – und der Wirklichkeit (28 May 2020)

I hesitated to translate this book into German – Volume 37 of our Holocaust Handbooks – because Nyiszli’s book had to be translated from the Hungarian original, which I was completely incompetent to do. But then it turned out that there is a pretty good, already-published German translation of the text. However, we could not reprint it, for copyright reasons. So, I decided that Nyiszli’s original text will not be part of the German edition. To read it, the reader has to grab the edition by Dietz-Verlag, which is available on every street corner for a few pennies. I started the translation on April 20th and finished it on May 10th. 20 days for a 370-page book… thanks to COVID!

Warren Routledge: Elie Wiesel, Heiliger des Holocaust (14 May 2020)

At the end of January, I started the German translation of this pleasant-to-read biography of Elie Wiesel, Volume 30 of our Holocaust Handbooks. About six weeks later, in mid-March, the translation was ready, roughly when the general emergency shutdown for COVID-19 happened. It took about three weeks to proofread it by our hardworking volunteers, and there it was. The corrections and updates made for this edition were then carried over to a new, third English edition:

Warren Routledge: Elie Wiesel, Saint of the Holocaust (13 May 2020)

…and this is it, the new, third English edition, with a more descriptive title. The first two editions were clumsily titled Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, “Night,” the Memory Cult, and the Rise of Revisionism, which seemed inappropriate already because Wiesel is dead, hence he is no longer a High Priest but rather a mausoleum exhibit.

(From here on, I omit the cover images of English editions, as they are basically identical to the German covers, except for the words…)

Nicholas Kollerstrom: Wie England beide Weltkriege einleitete (13 May 2020)

This book was translated by a commercial translator who has a passion for history. Editing this book was a lesson in how NOT to write a book. Kollerstrom is no expert in WWII history, and it showed throughout the original English text. Heavy editing and at times rewriting had to be employed, and we had to chase down many sources where there was little or no evidence adduced as to “where the heck did you get that quote from”. It is much improved now, so much so that the author has presumably adopted all the changes for a new English edition he puts out himself.

Erich Böhm, Germar Rudolf: Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle des KL Auschwitz (28. April 2020)

When the German mass media started inciting the German people against Dr. Haverbeck as the “Nazi grandma” because she argued on the basis of published documents from the Auschwitz-Camp archives that the standard version of the camp’s history could not be correct, we decided to stand by Dr. Haverbeck and prove in a book that she is right. We asked Carlo Mattogno to do the project, but it never to came to fruition. He had too many projects on his plate already. However, a friend and supporter of Dr. Haverbeck (and me) had already done part of the work and posted it on the Internet as a PDF file in 2018. I therefore decided on the basis of this text and in collaboration with this friend (and with Carlo Mattogno’s assistance) to integrate an expanded and improved edition of this Internet version as Volume 34 into our Holocaust Handbooks. After the German edition appeared, I then did the English translation from April 6th to 17th in just 12 days:

Erich Böhm, Germar Rudolf: Garrison and Headquarters Orders of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp (28 April 2020)

Castle Hill Publishers: Der Holocaust: Fakten versus Fiktion (24 April 2020)

At the suggestion of loyal customers and supporters, together with the German book publisher and retailer Der Schelm, we published an inexpensive, attractive information brochure on the Holocaust that can serve to educate the masses. It gives a condensed overview of the latest research results of critical historians on the Holocaust and contains references to a wide range of resources where the reader can find more on the subject. The PDF version is available free of charge. This brochure replaces our book program. Der Schelm adds a copy of it in each parcel they send out. Since all books ordered from us directly are sent by third-party companies that do not enclose any advertising material in our orders, we have to rely on third parties…

Carlo Mattogno, Rudolf Höß: Kommandant von Auschwitz (2 February 2020)

At the end of September 2019, I began the German translation of this trail-blazing work on one of the most-influential false statements ever made about the Holocaust, but the project was interrupted several times, in particular by the time-consuming, completely overhauled and updated new edition of the book Dissecting the Holocaust concurrently in two languages, both of which were finally published in early November 2019. On January 12th, the Höss-book translation was finally finished, and went to our diligent volunteers for proofing. As usual, a number of errors were found in the English edition during the translation, which we corrected by releasing a new edition of that book as well – in a way, it was a mass annihilation of errors, but without gas chambers and without Zyklon B – we promise! (This is Volume 35 of our Holocaust Handbooks.)

Carlo Mattogno, Rudolf Höß: Commandant of Auschwitz (2 February 2020)

Thomas Dalton: Die Holocaust-Debatte (25 January 2020)

The first (English) edition of this popular book – Volume 31 of our Holocaust Handbooks – appeared in 2009. It took eleven years before we could finally offer it in German. It was translated by a hardworking volunteer, whose name we keep a secret from the German inquisitors for well-known reasons. In the course of this translation project, a number of errors were corrected and many updates were made to the original text, so that a new English edition followed in its wake:

Thomas Dalton: Debating the Holocaust (26. January 2020)

Germar Rudolf (ed.): The First Zündel Trial (28 January 2020)

Several years ago, Barbara Kulaszka sent me the complete transcripts of the First Zündel Trial as a PDF file, asking me not to publish it due to copyright concerns. I could not possibly understand what of a public trial would or even could be copyrighted, so I posted the file online at After one of our dedicated volunteers had slogged through a messy OCR output for more than half a year, cleaning up more than 5,000 pages full of “cockroaches”, we finally managed to release the printed version of this court transcript. Now everyone can read – and quote – what Ernst Zündel and his defense team accomplished during this phenomenal judicial event.

Thomas Dalton: Eternal Stranger: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages (23 January 2020)

We got into hot water for this book, because in it, Dalton let ’em have it in a way that I don’t always care to endorse. As a result, there was a media storm against it – and us – resulting first in an increase in sales, then in all kinds of angst that we might get whacked with all sorts of censorship measures once more. Knocking on wood and fingers crossed, we’ve dodged that bullet this time – for now.

We also thought that we might be able to release still this year Carlo Mattogno’s latest accomplishment, Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein: Two False Testimonies on the Bełżec Camp Analyzed, which is Volume 43 of our Holocaust Handbooks. Initially we considered integrating Henri Roque’s trail-blazing study on The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein into our series, but the IHR has the copyright to this book, and it is by now a little outdated, so not exactly a good fit. When discussing this with Carlo a few years ago, he came up with the idea of expanding the project to encompass the other key witness and doing a comparative study. He wrapped it up not too long ago, and I translated it from Italian to English between November 3rd and 19th. But just today I received an email from my copy editor saying that Windows did an unbidden update, wiping out all his proofing work on that project. Don’t we all hate Microsoft? Anyway, because of this, he’s now two weeks behind, which means that this book will probably not appear this year after all…

So, early next year, for sure. This year has already been busy and productive enough.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and a successful start into a hopefully better year!

Germar Rudolf

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