We are still alive!… and have a new brochure

Dear customers, supporters, fans and friends:

We have been rather silent since the turn of the year, and we had two reasons for this:

  1. In the wake of the unrest in the United States during the transition of power from the Trump to the Biden administration, commercial censorship in the United States has once again intensified. As a result, a partner of ours involved in processing credit-card payments canceled our contract in mid-January. It took over two weeks to finally get a new contract, and another week to install the new solution in our online shop. During this time we could not and did not want to announce or advertise any new products.
  2. Great Britain’s exit from the EU has led to a massive backlog of shipments from England to the EU, as the continent’s customs authorities were utterly unprepared for the flood of goods that had to be processed. Some of you who expected shipments from us from England but did not receive them in a timely manner made us aware of this starting in mid-January. In the meantime, all shipments sent between the beginning of the year and mid-February have arrived safely, but the average delivery time from the UK to EU countries has increased from originally around one to two weeks to four to EIGHT (!) weeks! (UPS is not much faster either.) The situation has relaxed somewhat in the meantime, but delivery times of up to four weeks are still possible on occasion. During those times of uncertainty as to what exactly was going on, we suspended any announcement and advertising of new products.

Now that this nightmare seems to be over, we resume our marketing activities. In this context, we officially announce the release of one brochure, and two slightly revised editions of books we had released only in December (all three have been available since January already, but we didn’t make any fuss about it…):

The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction

A concise information brochure with the most-important arguments about the Holocaust on only 29 pages. It contains plenty of references to further reading, with most of the titles mentioned being accessible free of charge. You can download this brochure as a free PDF file from the Internet and distribute it as you wish. Print copies are available in bulk at steep discounts.

Available as paperback and ebook (PDF). Read more here…

Second edition: C. Mattogno, The Making of the Auschwitz Myth (Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 41)

In this study, Carlo Mattogno shows how the myth of gas-chamber mass murder was created during the war and in the immediate postwar period, and how it has been turned subsequently into “history” by intellectually corrupt scholars who cherry-picked claims that fit into their political agenda and ignored or actively covered up literally thousands of lies of “witnesses” to make their narrative look credible. This new editon has some major revisions and corrections, mainly because the first edition of December 2020 had numerous documents missing in the appendix which the author had added when rewritting the whole book after we translated it; we discovered that when translating it into German in early 2021. It’s fixed now.

Available as paperback and ebook (PDF, ePub, Kindle). Read more here…

Second edition: C. Mattogno, Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein (Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 43)

Only two witnesses have ever testified substantially about the alleged Belzec Extermination Camp: The survivor Rudolf Reder and the SS man Kurt Gerstein. This study thoroughly scrutinizes Reder’s various statements, critically revisits Gerstein’s various depositions, and then compares these two testimonies which are at once similar in some respects, but incompatible in others, but always physically impossible and absurd. This new editon has only minor revisions and corrections.

Available as paperback and ebook (PDF, ePub, Kindle). Read more here…

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