The Einsatzgruppen, 2nd edition

A little more than three year after the first edition of this massive work on the Einsatzgruppen was published in late 2018, a new, slightly revised edition is launched. The corrections are minor, so for those who already own the first edition, getting a copy of this new edition may not be worth the expense, but we always strive to improve our books, so that first-time buyers get the best version possible. Hence without any further ado:

Carlo Mattogno: The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories: Genesis, Missions, Actions

Before invading the Soviet Union, the German authorities set up special units meant to secure the area behind the German front. Orthodox historians claim that these unites called Einsatzgruppen primarily engaged in rounding up and mass-murdering Jews. This study sheds a critical light into this topic by reviewing all the pertinent sources as well as material traces. It reveals on the one hand that original war-time documents do not fully support the orthodox genocidal narrative, and on the other that most post-“liberation” sources such as testimonies and forensic reports are steeped in Soviet atrocity propaganda and thus utterly unreliable. In addition, material traces of the claimed massacres are rare due to an attitude of collusion by governments and Jewish lobby groups.

Available as paperback, hardcover and e-book (PDF, ePub). Find out more here…


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