The Sonderkommando Trilogy

The mainstream narrative of the gargantuan gas-chamber mass murder at Auschwitz rests primarily on the statements of former inmates who claim to have been part of the so-called Sonderkommando, a unit forced by the camp SS to help them operate the “gas chambers”, the cremation furnaces, and the open-air incineration pits. All the men of this unit were allegedly killed on a regular basis after working only for a few month, presumably the SS wanted to kill the witnesses. But after the war, more and more and more of them show up very much alive, telling their stories. Here is a trilogy analyzing their tales.

Sonderkommando Auschwitz Trilogy (Vols. I, II & III)

This trilogy contains the following books (follow the links to visit their individual sales pages )

This trilogy of profound source criticism is essential to all those who want to understand the propaganda origins of the Auschwitz gas-chamber narrative. The witness testimonies thoroughly scrutinized in these three books are the very foundation upon which that myth was erected that homicidal gas chambers existed during World War II at the infamous Auschwitz Camp.

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