The Dachau Gas Chamber

The former Dachau Concentration Camp north of the city of Munich is on of the most-visited tourist attractions in Germany. It’s most-valued asset is the alleged homicidal gas chamber. But visitors do not get a sincere account from the local museum of what they are shown. Read these revelations about this enigmatic puzzle of Allied atrocity propaganda:

Volume 49 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks:
The Dachau Gas Chamber: Documents, Testimonies, Material Evidence

This study investigates whether the alleged homicidal gas chamber at the infamous Dachau Camp could have been operational. Could this gas chamber have fulfilled its alleged function to kill people as assumed by mainstream historians? Or does the evidence point to an entirely different purpose? This study reviews witness reports and finds that many claims are nonsense or technically impossible. As many layers of confounding misunderstandings and misrepresentations are peeled away, we discover the core of what the truth was concerning the existence of this gas chamber.

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