The Year 2022 at Castle Hill Publishers

We had to deal with three major obstacles this past year: Ingram Content Group canceling our printing, distribution and order-fulfillment contract; Barclays Bank in the UK closing our British account and thus our last banking stronghold in Europe; and our CEO Germar Rudolf resigning from his leadership positions at CODOH and Castle Hill, and taking an extended leave of absence. Let me address them in sequence.

As we reported earlier this year in a blog post, the General Assembly of the United Nations ratified a resolution introduced by Germany and Israel on January 20, 2022, which calls for all governments in the world to do everything possible to combat and suppress Holocaust revisionism. Since both CODOH and Castle Hill have been singled out for decades by governmental and NGO watchdog organizations in the US, the UK, Germany and Israel, among other countries, for being the only entities left that produce new and relevant revisionist material, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was coming…

After eight years of flawless cooperation, Castle Hill’s partner for multi-national book printing, distribution and order fulfillment, the almighty Ingram Content Group, canceled the contract just four days after the above-mentioned UN resolution had passed, claiming that retailers had been complaining about Castle Hill’s type of books. Ingram has a monopoly in book distribution in the U.S., and Amazon controls some 70% of all new books sales here, hence also of Ingram’s turnover. Each time we published a new book, Ingram’s live data feed into Amazon’s websites had it show up there. Amazon got harassed by the usual enemies of free speech for again offering one of our books. They had to manually delete it, but the game would start all over once we issued a new edition (which we do with regularity). Finally sick of this futile whack-the-mole game, Amazon, no doubt with the UN resolution in hand, went to Ingram telling them to stop the charade at the source by kicking us out for good – which they promptly did. Since Ingram’s database also feeds into all kinds of databases abroad, all our books suddenly disappeared from the national and international book markets. We lost some 50% of our turnover in the U.S., and our entire turnover from overseas, as we don’t have any printing, warehousing and order-fulfillment outlets in the UK or Australia (but Ingram does).

As a consequence, we had to completely reorganize the way we operate. We had to find a new printing partner in the U.S., reformat all cover artwork to fit their specs, invest into a complete reprint of everything, get ourselves a small warehouse locally, equip it with shelving, basic equipment and shipping supplies so we can do order fulfillment ourselves, and then repeat the procedure also in Europe and/or the UK somehow to recover that market as well.

Just a week after the UN resolution, Barclays Bank in the UK, with whom we had our business banking since 2007 and never had any problems, opened some investigation by requesting more details about what our business was all about. Then three weeks later, they told us unceremoniously that they will close our accounts, citing a passage in the agreement that simply allows them to close whatever account they want whenever they please. Period.

Since business had become pretty much impossible for Caste Hill in the UK, with Brexit making exports to EU countries borderline impossible and banking being canceled, we decided it is time to pack up and leave. Castle Hill was officially sold by its UK owner (identity undisclosed) to CODOH on April 8, 2022, and CODOH reorganized it as a single-member, non-neglected limited liability company as “Castlehill Publishing LLC.”

Our attempts at establishing a printing, warehousing and order-fulfillment solution in the UK/Europe for our English-language material hit unexpected resistance when we realized that many British printers are now mortally afraid to get involved in the production of printed matters that could violate Britain’s 2017 anti-revisionist law. Although that law requires that “Holocaust denial” happens concurrently and in conjunction with disparaging the victims, which is something Caste Hill does not do, any printer accepting our printing jobs would be legally required to thoroughly read and correctly assess all our material before printing it to make sure it does not contain anything legally hazardous. No printer will invest that amount of time and effort. They simply turn down the job, and that’s the end of that…

When the first consequence of the UN resolution hit Castle Hill in early 2022, our then-CEO Germar Rudolf predicted that he expects “them” to go after him personally next. And that is what happened this past summer. This is not the place to divulge what exactly has been happening. Suffice it to say that Rudolf dropped all responsibilities at CODOH and Caste Hill this past summer, and disappeared from the face of the earth in early fall. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Rudolf’s main vulnerabilities are that his application to become a U.S. citizen was terminally rejected in 2020, and that the German authorities have issued numerous arrest warrants against him for reasons that are yet unknown. However, with some 80 new revisionist books or new editions of older books in the German-language published over the past ten years with Rudolf as the production manager, it’s easy to understand why they want him locked away. Although those German arrest warrants cannot be enforced in the U.S. due to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Rudolf’s German passport expired in 2019, and Germany refuses to issue him a new one. His “Green Card” here in the U.S. expired in 2021, and the U.S. authorities followed Germany’s lead by also refusing to issue him a new one. You get the picture. They are trying to entrap him, then play the same dirty trick on him and his family as they did back in 2005: arrest, deport, put into a German dungeon, and throw away the keys.

In the meanwhile, Castle Hill is getting reorganized once more, so it can survive in this increasingly hostile environment even without Germar Rudolf’s involvement. We appreciate your patience and support for this drawn-out, difficult process.

Sincerely yours,

CEO Michael Santomauro / Founder Germar Rudolf
Castle Hill Publishing LLC
30 Paddle Boat Lane
Townhouse # 202
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928
E-mail: [email protected]
iPhone: 917-974-6367

Now to the more-pleasant side of this past year’s activities: our new book releases, of which there were a whopping 13 this year, with five of them being merely new editions of books we published in earlier years, plus seven audio books, and one release by another publishing outlet:

Richard Tedor: Hitler’s Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs (December 30, 2021)

This one passed the finish line just before the turn of the year. We have had the German edition of this book in our program for years, and now we managed to add a new English edition to it as well. The book gives a good, unbiased insight into why so many Germans followed their leader in those years. Just don’t repeat that mistake!

Carlo Mattogno: The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories, 2 Parts (January 2022)

We issued that book simultaneously in German (1st edition) and English (2nd ed.). What a Herculean effort! In contrast to the first edition, we decided to split this one into two separate parts, which was a good decision, because a few days after we set it up with Ingram, they closed our account, and our new printer does not accept paperbacks with over 800 pages. (Both parts have some 870 pages together.) So we’re all good.

Germar Rudolf: The Day Amazon Murdered Free Speech (English and German) (May 2022)

Finishing up this new edition of a book first published in 2018 was like aiming at a moving target. The project was ready to go in early 2022, or so we thought, but then came the UN Resolution, Ingram’s bailout, Barclay’s account closure, and all this had to be included. Plus, frankly, we had other things to worry about and work on during those early months, so this and other projects got delayed.

Jürgen Graf: “The Destruction of the European Jews”: Hilberg’s Giant with Feet of Clay (English and German) (June 2022)

This book used to be Volume 3 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks, but it is somewhat narrow-chested and already 23 years old. Hence, we replaced it last year with a much-better alternative, Carlo Mattogno’s heavy artillery. But Graf’s concise and pleasant-to-read text is still a good introduction into revisionist criticism of an important mainstream oeuvre, so we updated it, and reissued it outside the series as a stand-along book featuring its original cover artwork of yore.

Ernst Zündel: The Holocaust on Trial: The Second Trial against Ernst Zündel 1988 (June 2022)

This book was first published in 1990 under Ernst’s pen name Robert Lenski. We had its German translation in our program since 2010, but not the English original. This flaw has now been remedied. Strictly speaking, this is Ernst Zündel’s only revisionist book, and until we issued it under his real name, most people may not even have been aware of it. This book is available as paperback, hardcover, eBook (ePub and PDF) and also as an audio book, both as an MP3 download and on CD. We really went overboard with our efforts to make sure that Ernst Zündel’s legacy, so aptly wrapped up in this volume, gets the tender loving care it deserves.

Carlo Mattogno: Sonderkommando Auschwitz II: The False Testimonies by Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon (English and German) (June 2022)

After haranguing Carlo Mattogno for years to systematically analyze and criticize all the pertinent “gas chamber” testimonies out there, he has finally set out to do exactly that. Here is his second book of a trilogy focusing on self-proclaimed Sonderkommando members. It deals only with two witnesses, who are rather unknown to the general public, as neither ever published anything, but boy did their trial testimonies have a huge impact on the formation of the orthodox narrative! This is Volume 45 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Carlo Mattogno: Auschwitz: The First Gassing. Rumor and Reality (English and German, although the German edition is still pending, waiting for the old edition to sell out) (July 2022)

Carlo harassed us that we absolutely need to issue a new edition, as he had found more testimonies to be included, so here we go…

Carlo Mattogno: Sonderkommando Auschwitz III: They Wept Crocodile Tears. A Critical Analysis of Late Witness Testimonies (English and German) (July 2022)

This book wraps up Carlo’s trilogy on the testimonies of self-declared members of the infamous Sonderkommando. I’m sure he’ll find more testimonies and will either harass us to issue new, expanded editions, or collect them and have Volume IV of the then quadrology… This is Volume 46 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Carlo Mattogno, Mis-Chronicling Auschwitz: Danuta Czech’s Flawed Methods, Lies and Deceptions in Her “Auschwitz Chronicle” (English and German) (August 2022)

Although it was already done in June, for some reason immemorial that book was held back a little, probably simply because there was too much approaching the finish line at that time. Carlo has critiqued some aspects of Czech’s Chronicle in almost every book he has written about Auschwitz, but it is all scattered all over the place, so we thought it conducive to have it all in one piece, systematically from front to end, revealing the true mendacious nature of this Polish-Communist hatchet job. This is Volume 47 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Ikuo Suzuki, Unmasking Anne Frank: Her Famous Diary Exposed as a Literary Fraud (September 2022)

This book was not published by us, but it would be unfair not to mention it. It is the first-ever monograph on this thorny issue – if we ignore Robert Faurisson’s article-turned-brochure titled Is the Diary of Anna Frank Genuine? This one is much beefier, and it comes from the other side of the plant, too, that is to say, from a Japanese scholar.

Germar Rudolf, Up Close and Personal: or the Legal Hazards of Maintaining Physical Fitness (October 2022)

Germar Rudolf has disappeared! But before he did, he updated and issued this revised edition of his book telling the world about his trials and tribulations in the U.S. as an immigrant who just won’t fit in. Well, Germar wouldn’t be Germar, if he fit in. Read the tale from the horse’s mouth. The eBook version of this book (PDF format) can be purchased at a price that you can set – even zero, if you want to get it free (cheapskate!).

Carlo Mattogno, The Dachau Gas Chamber: Documents, Testimonies, Material Evidence (English and German) (November 2022)

We had Carlo’s typescript for this book since September 2021, but got to working on it only in late 2022. There isn’t much documental or testimonial material to base such a book upon, so it is necessarily slender. But since the Dachau “gas chamber” is one of the world’s biggest crowd pleasers when it comes to Nazi horror shows, maybe second only to the Auschwitz equivalent, it is important to address it as best as we can. This is Volume 49 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Paul Rassinier, Ulysses’s Lie (November 2022)

Long announced, and long delayed, we finally did it! CODOH’s copy editor Jett Rucker had volunteered years ago to translate it from its original French, but was progressing with it only rather slowly. Hence, earlier this year we retook control of the project, and when we had some free capacity later this year, we wrapped it up and spat it out! It’s the first ever complete translation of Rassinier’s original work, with which Holocaust revisionism took its baby steps. It is also a stark reminder that the National-Socialist world of prison camps was an atrocious world no one wants to relive. After all, you don’t need gas chambers to unleash hell. Ordinary, mean people are all it takes.

Carlo Mattogno, The Neuengamme and Sachsenhausen Gas Chambers: With a Focus on British Investigations for the Tesch Trial (English and German) (December 2022)

Carlo wrapped up that project when we set out to handle his book on Dachau. So, since we were already at it, we killed two books with one approach, translating, editing and publishing them in unison. This is Volume 50 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Congratulations, and Celebrations!
We’ve reached 50 Volumes!
Well, not quite yet:

Carlo Mattogno, The Real Auschwitz Chronicle: The History of the Auschwitz Camps Told by Authentic Wartime Documents (German only for now) (December 2022)

As early as 1998, we came up with the idea to write a chronological history of Auschwitz based solely on impeccable war-time sources. The architect Willy Wallwey, who was in charge of that project initially, unfortunately dropped out in the early 2000s due to age-related issues. But when asked, Carlo was willing to pick up where the project had been dropped, and finish it rather swiftly. We beefed it up with summaries of all the Auschwitz Garrison and Headquarters orders known to mankind, and added as its second part a thorough analysis of all the deportation transports sent to the camp, of its occupancy throughout the months and years, and of its mortality, which is where the linchpin is, of course. An English translation will take some time, as the book is chock full of quotes in small print from original German wartime documents. This is Volume 48 of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks.

Audio Books

We’ve had sound files for several books sitting around for a while. (Alison Chabloz is the narrator of some of them.) When we managed to get a good subscription deal for a text-to-voice service early this year, we set out to turn these older sound files and the new, AI-created ones into actual audio books, and have CDs created for them as well (the books are also available as simple MP3 downloads):

We also turned our promotion brochure Holocaust Skepticism into a downloadable MP3 file.

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