Seven Easy Reads for Normies and Beginners

So you’ve got a friend, or family member, or perhaps a coworker who you’ve finally gotten interested in revisionism.  There is oh so much material you’d like to share with them, but where should you begin?

In a time where those who are brave enough to ask any questions at all (other than tendentious and vexed ones) are few and far between, it can be especially difficult to know where to start.  Don’t worry, your friends at CODOH/CHP have you covered.

For those of us whose book budgets are pretty tight right now, this list will also be a God-send, because each title on this list is either free in some format or depending on which format you choose to purchase it in, is available for less than $10.

Below is a list of six of our personal favorite (and not to mention most sought-after) titles that are ideal for introducing the skeptical normies in your life to revisionist literature and thought.

1. The Holocaust: An Introduction

Thomas Dalton’s acclaimed primer on Holocaust Revisionism is to this day, one of the best introductory works on the topic due to its highly readable length and format. It is faithfully meticulous in its analysis yet still a very easy read for those with even the most demanding schedules, clocking in at 132 pages.  At a mere $8 for a softcover copy, and bulk discounts offered to activists, retailers, etc. it’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes.  It’s also one of the more accessible titles on offer in our catalog, with digital and hardcopy options for both print and audiobook editions.


2. Holocaust Skepticism: 20 Questions and Answers About Holocaust Revisionism

This aptly titled booklet brings to bear 20 of the most common questions about Holocaust Revisionism and answers them in a thorough and succinct manner. Its no-nonsense, question-and-answer format combined with its sleek and attractive aesthetic makes it ideal for sharing with people who might not be ready for a book-length presentation but are intrigued by what you have to say.  Available in Softcover, Ebook, and Audiobook formats. The PDF download is FREE of charge, too. 

3. Auschwitz: A 3/4 Century of Propaganda

This book gives an overview of the many rumors, myths, and lies about Auschwitz spread during and right after the war, which mainstream historians today reject as untrue. It then explains by which ridiculous methods some claims about Auschwitz were accepted as true and turned into “history,” although they are just as untrue.  Considering that the overwhelming majority of cognitive dissonance we encounter from people about WW2 comes from wartime propaganda and outlandish assertions that even die-hard Holocaust “scholars” like Deborah Lipstadt have formally renounced, this little volume is a phenomenal way to introduce a grain of doubt to the oyster of a person’s faith in the official narrative.Available as an Ebook, Audiobook, or in softcover.


4. Bungled: “Denying History”

Some of the most difficult cases of red-pilling arise when you encounter people who, due to the fact that they’ve read some or maybe even all of the mainstream writings in circulation.  Our Bungled series responds directly to claims and assertions of prominent luminaries in the mainstream narrative camp.  In this volume in particular, Carolus Magnus addresses Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine, and systematically debunks his entire line of faulty argumentation, thoroughly demonstrating to the enquiring mind that the only people who are guilty of “denying history” are the ones who are justifying censorship and serial libel in a desperate attempt to shield the official narrative from objective scrutiny.  Available in Ebook and Softcover formats.

This book is also available in a set with our three other Bungled titles.  Click the image below if you’d like to buy the entire set at a discount.


5. Auschwitz Forensically Examined

A concise summary of the most-important results of forensic research on Auschwitz from 1945 to today as well as their reception by Western societies.  Breaking down and cutting through all the scholarly babble, this 126-page primer on the actual factual forensics of Auschwitz, this book is a formidable and essential addition to your red-pilling arsenal.  Available in Ebook and Softcover formats.


6. Auschwitz: Plain Facts (A Response to Jean Claude Pressac)

The late French scholar Jean-Claude Pressac published two books that were hailed as the ultimate refutation of revisionist arguments. This book exposes the massive flaws and incredible deficiencies of Pressac’s unscientific work. Available in Ebook and Softcover formats. This beginner-friendly 230-page book is a devastating takedown of one of the most revered and commonly cited “authorities” of the official holocaust narrative.


7. The Holocaust: Facts Vs. Fiction

This 64-page information brochure is not just an excellent introduction to some basic tenets of Revisionism but also includes a catalog of more of our books. Best of all, it’s FREE! Click below to download.


We hope this list will prove useful to you.  Knowledge is power, and in the war of ideas, our aim is to provide weapons-grade red pills and white pills, and high-caliber munitions to those who are on the front lines. Hold fast, and stay the course, friends and compatriots.
And when the going gets tough, remember that those who cut stones must envision cathedrals.
Vincit omnia veritas. 

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