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Holocaust Encyclopedia Nearing Completion!

NOTE: The cover design depicted in the graphic is not the final draft. This image above is for illustrative purposes, and the exact appearance of these books is still in the conceptual phase.

We are pleased to announce that all entries to our most ambitious project yet, our very own Holocaust Encyclopedia are written! The counter stands at 568. All entries are currently in the process of being peer-reviewed, edited, and proofed. We currently have 15% of that work done, and progress on average a further 12% of the work each week.
As soon as an entry comes back from review/editing/proofing, it gets posted online. However, the site will officially launch only once all entries are posted, all links are tested, and the site has been test-driven by several volunteers. Once it passes all tests, it will go live. At this point we will ask visitors for feedback—and once we have ironed out functional kinks and any flaws and deficiencies of the content, we will have a finished manuscript to go to the printer.
Beta-version test flights for registered volunteers start this weekend. No volunteers are needed at this point, as all spots are already taken. If we need more helpers, we will announce it.
This is a communal effort of several scholars from all over the world working together behind the scenes! We will not reveal the names unless Western nations stop persecuting and prosecuting peaceful academic/intellectual dissidents.
With this in mind, if you feel like you have something to contribute to this ambitious and historic project, please feel free to contact us.

— Regarding the Hard Copy Edition —

As of right now, the current amount of content is calculated to fill two volumes; letter-size format; two text columns; spanning a little over 600 pages altogether. We aim to get both a hardcover and a paperback edition out, but publishing/printing contracts are still being negotiated.

— Get Involved —

You can readily imagine, no doubt, the amount of effort and investment that has gone into this.  If you would like to donate financially, to help ensure the success of this work, then click the button below.  Any contribution of any size is greatly appreciated and makes a difference. But those who donate $200 or more will be rewarded with a free copy upon release.  Those outside the U.S. will need to donate $250 or more to gain this incentive (to account for international shipping rates). Stay tuned for more details.

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