Company Philosophy

Castle Hill Publishers is the doing-business-as name of CastleHill Publishing LLC, a non-disregarded single-member limited-liability company. We are dedicated to offering the kind of books and videos which others don’t dare touch – provided these items do not advocate, promote, approve of, condone or justify the violation of the civil rights of others, and they do not serve to exploit a crime financially. We therefore specialize in particular on the publication and dissemination of mainly scholarly-historical books and documentaries which can no longer be published or distributed in many countries of the world, be it due to government or corporate censorship.

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Freedom of Expression

Watch the following video to learn why Freedom of Speech is important:

Here is our take on this crucial topic:

  1. Any opinion has the right to be expressed, as long as it does not advocate, promote, approve of, justify or condone the violation of anyone’s civil rights. Such opinions are referred to below as “peaceful views”. Criticizing an individual or a group of individuals for their behaviors or attitudes is NOT a violation of their civil rights.
  2. Freedom of Speech is worthless, if there isn’t also a freedom of being heard. Allowing a controversial view to be expressed, but denying it any venue to reach any listeners who might be interested to hear what is being said, amounts to the same thing as denying freedom of speech itself. What is freedom of speech worth if we have to go into a soundproof room without an audience in order to express it?
  3. The freedom to express one’s peaceful view needs protection and defense first and foremost where powerful groups — be they governments, societal pressure groups, NGOs or monopoly-like corporate entities such as Ingram Content Group, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. — are trying to suppress it. Non-controversial views need no protection. They are not threatened. It is exactly the kind of controversial, yet peaceful views which powerful groups want to suppress that need protection.
  4. All media organizations and all their employees depend on Freedom of Expression to express their views. They should be the first to rise to the defense of the principle of Freedom of Expression when peaceful views are being suppress, whether they agree with these views or not. Yet what we observe is that, in recent decades, without exception all mainstream media organizations and the people employed by them have actually turned into the primary enforcers of censorship. They, who should be the primary guardians of free speech, have become enemies of free speech. They promote free speech only for views they consider acceptable.
  5. Companies that have a de-facto monopoly – Google as a search engine, YouTube as a video streamer, Facebook and Twitter as social media, Amazon as a book retailer, Ingram as a book distributor – must be held to different standards than any other company. In many countries, if a company has a market share as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have in their primary field of operations, they have two options: a) being broken up by force into smaller entities which do not have that big of a market share or b) being considered a public commodity which has NO right to reject any customers (other than in cases of violations of the law). On this planet, Amazon, Google, YouTube and Facebook with their quasi-monopolies are the biggest threat to freedom of speech. Monopolies are bad news in many regards, not just free speech. Unfortunately, the anti-trust laws in the U.S. have always been weak, primarily because the U.S. is a plutocracy where Big Money influences heavily who can finance election campaigns and who appears favorably (if at all) in the media. And Big Money does not want anti-monopoly laws.
  6. If you want to know who has the power in a country, figure out whom you cannot criticize without running the risk of being subjected to censorship and persecution.
  7. While we do not agree with every view our authors express, we defend their right to express them, as long as they are peaceful. And that means giving them a podium to express those views, and providing them with ways to reach an audience willing to listen. Without it, free speech is meaningless.

Customer Feedback:

Until Amazon closed our Market Place account around Christmas 2015 for allegedly not fulfilling incoming orders swiftly enough, our customers there gave us the following average rating (as of Dec. 6, 2015): 5.0 stars over the past 12 months, with not a single complaint about anything (let alone delayed order processing). Here are some voices:

“Look forward to reading this. Thank you for the prompt service.” P W Stobbs, 5 December 2015
“Fantastic seller 10/10” A. Customer, 4 December 2015
“EXCELLENT” Luc D., 30 November 2015
“Excellent professional service; fast standard shipping from UK to US. Thank you.” Marc F., 29 November 2015
“Great.” Graham J, 27 November 2015
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“As always, great service thank you 5 stars all round.” Unity Mitford, 25 November 2015
“No problems, thank you.” VL, 22 November 2015
“First class seller, first class item, five stars.” Mr R Kraft, 22 November 2015
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“Arrived safe and prompt, five stars all round. Great thank you.” Unity Mitford, 22 October 2015
“Book arrived within 2 days, wrapped in paper (the old traditional way cherished books were protected from bookshops before internet took over, made me feel a little nostalgic!) between 2 pieces of card in a jiffy bag so item received in excellent condition. Will definitely use again, price was also over a 100 pounds cheaper than rivals for a brand new copy!!!” the freeman, 20 October 2015
“Arrived safe, great thank you, very pleased” Unity Mitford, 15 October 2015

Company History

Castle Hill Publishers were established by Germar Rudolf. Since December 1996, Germar Rudolf has been active as a publisher in England. Until early 1998, Rudolf pursued this activity initially under the umbrella of the former Belgian foundation Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, VHO (free historical research), which was dissolved in 2013.

In early 1998, Germar Rudolf established his own company Castle Hill Publishers (CHP) in the south-eastern English town of Hastings. The company’s imprint logo that can be found in its books is a rendering of the ruins of Hastings Castle (see the photo to the right).

In early 2013, CHP and the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) joined forces in their common goal. One of the results of this close cooperation was the relocation of the CHP online bookstore to the CODOH website. After CODOH was reorganized into a charitable trust in late 2014, Castle Hill Publishers and CODOH entered into a mutually beneficial agreement to support each others’ activities. Since then, CODOH has been selling CHP’s products through its online shop, and has been promoting these products using its various venues.

After the UK left the European Union in early 2021, mailing dissident merchandise from the UK to EU countries has become financially and legally untenable. As a consequence, CHP was sold in April 2022 to CODOH, which has reorganized it as a limited-liability company under the name CastleHill Publishing LLC.