Our U.S. Internet shop offers all products in U.S. Dollars only.


We offer two kinds of discounts for some of our products:

Bulk Discounts

Some of our sales items are bundles made up of several individual items. These usually have a discounted sales prices compared to the sum of the individual prices. You are encouraged to take advantage of those bundles. Furthermore, bulk quantities of our brochures promoting historical revisionism The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction and Holocaust Skepticism are heavily discounted, as we have no interest in making a profit with them.

Store-Wide Discounts

If you order more than one print book, we will grant you a discount, no matter whether it’s several copies of one title or one copy each of several titles. The discount will increase automatically with the number of books you buy. So you will be rewarded for being a voracious reader, no matter what you read. Here is the table with the discounts we currently grant:

No. of Items Discount No. of Items Discount
2 5% 8-9 16%
3 8% 10-14 18%
4 10% 15-19 20%
5 12% 20-29 22.5%
6-7 14% from 30 25%

Some items are exempted from further discounts, as they are already heavily discounted (such as major bundles like our Holocaust Handbooks series and All Books bundles) or have larger individual bulk discounts (such as our promotional brochures The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction and Holocaust Skepticism mentioned earlier).

Wholesale Discounts

Book retailers and wholesalers can have a wholesale account with us, which allows them to place orders on our website with an agreed-upon discount automatically assigned to all items that we offer at wholesale conditions. These are single items (hence no bundled items) that were published by Castle Hill Publishers (hence no third-party books). It also comes with free shipping beyond a certain total purchase amount. If you are interested in getting a wholesale account with us, please get in touch using our Contact page.

Payment Methods

Castle Hill Publishers offer a number of payment methods you can select:

Zelle® Bank Transfer (USA)
This is our preferred method of payment for customers with a U.S. bank account! It is offered on check-out, where you can also find a link to a brief video instructing you on how to do it, if this method is still new or unknown to you. If your bank participates in the Zelle® network, you’re all set to send money to us safely (we won’t know your bank account info), instantly (within seconds), privately (no one else will know) and without any fees. But even if not, with the proper Zelle® mobile app, you can still do it (check out the lists of banks participating in this program here: You can send whatever you want to pay by entering our receiving email address: [email protected]. If you have an order number, please include that in the memo field. It’s as simple as that.

Credit/Debit Cards
Attention: In late 2023, when the establishment’s pro-Jewish frenzy in the U.S. reached fever pitch during Israel’s genocide in Gaza, our credit-/debit-card processing service provider closed our account without notifying us. On request, they refused to give us a reason for this action. We are currently trying to find a new service provider, but so far it looks very discouraging. Be prepared for a world where we will be unable to accept any plastic payments!

Please Read This Before Using A Credit/Debit Card:

Anyone knowing your credit-card number and expiration date can steal any amount of money from your bank account. This “pull” system is criminal by design and should be illegal. To operate this fraud-infested system, merchants have to pay fees, up to 5% of each transaction. In turn, they increasingly charge their customers with these inconvenient “convenience” fees. These fees finance a billion-dollar industry of card issuers (Visa, Master, Discover, AmEx…), banks, and payment-processing service providers, almost all of whom refuse to do business with us free-speech advocates. Worse still, they use their financial leverage to ruin us. Moreover, this industry keeps track of all the things you pay for. They build consumer profiles that turn you into a “public,” transparent citizen, and they create a “credit record” that defines which financial services you can or cannot enjoy. The more debt you repaid, the more interest you paid them, the more you are a slave-laborer in their service, the better your credit score! Why would you go along with an organized crime cartel such as this? The only safe payment methods are “push” methods, where the payer decides if, when and how much money is transferred where. In European countries, domestic wire transfers from bank account to bank account have been instant and free of charge for almost a century now. The EU expanded that model to encompass the entire Union. In the U.S., Zelle® does it even better. This system, created in 2017 by several U.S. banks, allows instant, fee-free “push” transfers from one registered bank account to another. The receiver is identified via a cell-phone number or an email address registered with their bank. Hence, you need not tell the recipient any of your bank information, nor do you need to know theirs. This is important, because the entire U.S. banking system is criminal by design, as anyone knowing your bank account info can write electronic checks on your account, hence take all your money. So if you have a U.S. bank account, Zelle® is the way to go: intrinsically safe, instant, zero fees, and absolutely private. Anyone with online banking or a Zelle® mobile app should have that option right at their fingertips. If you cannot find it, ask your banker. And remember: DON’T FINANCE THE ENEMY! DON’T USE PLASTIC MONEY!That being said, if you still insist or have no other viable option, we accept the following cards:We accept the following cards:

  • Master
  • Visa
  • Discover

Since Castlehill Publishing is a Limited Liability Company registered in the U.S., all our credit card transactions have to be done in U.S. dollars. Hence, if paying by credit card, your account will be charge in US$. If your debit card is registered with a non-US bank, they will exchange that amount to your local currency using their exchange rates, which is beyond our control. Charges will occur as “” on your CC statement, followed by your order’s number.
If you choose this option, your credit-card information will be transferred from your browser through a highly secure, encrypted channel directly to the processing computers of our partners handling this transaction. No person will ever see this data. For safety reason, we also do not accept credit card card payments by any other means, be it in person, by phone or in the (e)mail. This way, nobody can ever misuse your information.

Our policy to NOT EVER accept, save or store any credit card information, but to transmit them to the processing bank directly via a highly secured, encrypted line, is in fully compliance with the latest PCI standards.

PayPal bans any commerce with merchandise challenging the orthodox Holocaust narrative. As a consequence, they terminated our PayPal account in 2010. Since they are nasty to us on several levels, we refuse to do any business with them.

Crypto Currencies
We used to offer the option to pay in BitCoin or Monero, but for many years, we only ever had one single customer using it. Also due to the current volatile situation of the crypto-currency market, we have decided to discontinue this option.

Bank Echeck (electronic check)
This option is offered during checkout, but works only for U.S. bank accounts. It is roughly equivalent to a wire transfer, only way cheaper and with much less hassle. We will ship your items once your e-check amount has been deposited successfully.

U.S. Check/Money Order (paper check by mail)
This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items. Please indicate your order number. Please make checks or money orders drawn on a U.S. bank account payable to: Castlehill Publishing, and send them to:

Castlehill Publishing
30 Paddle Boat Lane, #202
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

This payment option always exists, although we do not list it online. If you want to pay that way, simply choose the check option and send in cash instead of a check. We currently accept only US and Canadian dollars.
Please make sure you send the right amount using the current exchange rates. Please do NOT send coins. For larger sums it is recommended to use registered mail. Please indicate your order number. Send cash to:

Castlehill Publishing
30 Paddle Boat Lane, #202
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Please be aware, though, that registered mail from abroad does not always arrive safely. This payment method is therefore not recommended.

This is a pre-payment method, which means that we have to receive your payment BEFORE we ship out your items.

Payment on invoice
Due to bad experiences in the past (up to a third of all customers ordering on invoice never paid), we have discontinued this option for online orders.

If you have paid in advance for goods which arrived either in unacceptable quality or not at all, you are entitled to a full refund. In such a case, please get in touch with us by email (see out Contact Us page). In all other cases, refunds can be granted only if we are still able to cancel a pending order, which usually means that the items ordered have not been shipped yet.