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    The Book of the Shulchan Aruch


    Perhaps no book is less known, yet more important, than the Shulchan Aruch.

    Most people have heard of the Talmud-that compendium of Jewish laws, and thus the essence of Judaism. The Talmud, however, is vast and largely inscrutable for non-Jews. Fortunately, back in the mid-1500s, a Jewish rabbi named Joseph Karo decided to create a condensed, compact version of the Talmud. He called it ‘the set table’: the Shulchan Aruch.

    Most of the Shulchan Aruch deals with inter-Jewish laws, but a fair number of passages discuss non-Jews — the Gentiles, or in less polite terms, the ‘goyim.’ As it happens, the laws of Judaism hold Gentiles in very low regard; they can be cheated, lied to, abused, even killed, if it serves Jewish interests. Jewish supremacy reigns throughout the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch.

    In Weimar Germany, a German scholar of religion and the Hebrew language named Erich Bischoff decided to write a summary and analysis of this most-important of books. In 1929, he published Das Buch vom Schulchan Aruch — the present work is translated from the 1942 edition. Never before or since has a knowledgeable scholar conducted such an honest and critical study. Here, we see many dark corners of the Jewish religion exposed; here, we see exactly how Jews view the contemptible goyim.

    This book is invaluable for all those interested in cutting through the fog and obscurity of the Talmud, and in getting to the heart of Jewish thinking and Jewish attitudes: the Shulchan Aruch.

  • Thomas Dalton Bundle

    The Complete Thomas Dalton Bundle (Paperback)


    Being some of the most highly sought-after titles in our catalog, we have compiled all 7 books we carry by Dr. Thomas Dalton into one convenient and cost-effective collection. Whether you’re looking to build your library or have extra copies to give out to those you’re endeavouring to educate, it’s never been a better time to get your hands on these highly regarded books! (Bulk discounts available.)

  • Lectures on the Holocaust (4th ed. of 2023)

    A compendium of past and present controversies about the mainstream Holocaust narrative. A comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust: physical traces, forensic examinations, document analysis, critique of witness testimony. Fourth, updated edition of 2023.

  • Sale! Holocaust on Trial Triple Bundle

    The Ultimate Holocaust On Trial Bundle (Paperback)


    Discover the whole story about the 1985 and subsequent 1988 trials of Ernst Zündel. The original pair of books are now together in this exciting bundle at a reduced price, along with book “The Holocaust on Trial” which is the Herculean struggle of Ernst Zündel, as narrated by himself. Save $25 on this bundle.

  • Sale! The Zundel Trials

    The Holocaust On Trial Bundle (Paperback)


    Discover the whole story about the 1985 and subsequent 1988 trials of Ernst Zündel. Both books are now together in this exciting bundle at a reduced price.

  • The Neuengamme and Sachsenhausen Gas Chambers

    The evaluation of many interrogation protocols exposes inconsistencies, discrepancies and contradictions. British interrogating techniques are revealed as manipulative, threatening and mendacious. Finally, technical absurdities of gas-chambers and mass-gassing claims unmask these tales as a mere regurgitation of hearsay stories from other camps, among them foremost Auschwitz.

  • Ulysses’s Lie


    Holocaust revisionism began with this book: Frenchman Rassinier, a pacifist and socialist, was sent first to Buchenwald Camp in 1944, then to Dora-Mittelbau. Here he reports from his own experience how the prisoners turned each other’s imprisonment into hell without being forced to do so. In the second part, Rassinier analyzes the books of former fellow prisoners, and shows how they lied and distorted in order to hide their complicity. First complete English edition, including Rassinier’s prologue, Albert Paraz’s preface, and press reviews.

  • The Dachau Gas Chamber


    This study investigates whether the alleged homicidal gas chamber at the infamous Dachau Camp could have been operational. Could this gas chamber have fulfilled its alleged function to kill people as assumed by mainstream historians? Or does the evidence point to an entirely different purpose? This study reviews witness reports and finds that many claims are nonsense or technically impossible. As many layers of confounding misunderstandings and misrepresentations are peeled away, we discover the core of what the truth was concerning the existence of this gas chamber.

  • Sale!

    The Rudolf Bundle (Paperback)


    Own every title in our catalog from the prescient pen of our own resident revisionist, Germar Rudolf, in this book bundle. It includes the body of Rudolf’s own research into World War 2 and the Holocaust and tomes chronicling his personal odyssey, allowing the reader to better understand what drives a man to ask difficult questions that few were willing to ask, and doing what is right by the answers that are found, no matter what the cost.

  • Up Close and Personal

    An autobiographical text that takes us on a dizzying journey through various aspects of the author’s life, thus bringing us very close to the personal Germar with all his trials and tribulations. Full-color edition with many color illustrations.

  • Unmasking Anne Frank


    No single person better represents the face of the Holocaust than Anne Frank. Her diary is compulsory reading for many school students around the world. Therefore, its influence on the shaping of young minds cannot be underestimated. This new book exposes Anne’s famous dairy as a deceptive and highly misleading story written by somebody else altogether. For the first time, we can read a critique of this global bestseller. Our view of Anne Frank – and of all Jews who suffered in the Holocaust – will never be the same.

  • Mis-Chronicling Auschwitz

    Danuta Czech’s Auschwitz Chronicle is a reference book for the history of Auschwitz. Mattogno has compiled a long list of misrepresentations, outright lies and deceptions contained in it. This mega-fraud needs to be retired from the ranks of Auschwitz sources.