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    Holocaust Handbooks (Paperback)


    All volumes of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks in one set at a discount! This ambitious, growing series addresses various angles of the “Holocaust” of the WWII era. Most of them are based on decades of research from archives all over the world. They are heavily footnoted and referenced. In contrast to most other works on this issue, the tomes of this series approach its topic with profound academic scrutiny and a critical attitude. Any Holocaust aficionado ignoring this series will remain oblivious to some of the most important research in the field. These books are designed to both convince the common reader as well as academics.

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    All Our Books (non-Holocaust-Handbooks)


    If you already have a complete set of our Holocaust Handbooks (or if you are not interested in them), and you are interested in purchasing all the other books published by us and currently in print, here is your opportunity: Get ALL of our books that are NOT part of the Holocaust Handbooks in this set (Paperback or PDF).