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    Holocaust Handbooks (ePub Bundle)


    All volumes of our prestigious series Holocaust Handbooks in one set at a discount! This ambitious, growing series addresses various angles of the “Holocaust” of the WWII era. Most of them are based on decades of research from archives all over the world. They are heavily footnoted and referenced.  In contrast to most other works on this issue, the tomes of this series approach its topic with profound academic scrutiny and a critical attitude, yet are written with both the academic and the layperson in mind. Any Holocaust aficionado ignoring this series will remain oblivious to some of the most important and accessible research in the field.

    Please note, for the EPUB bundle, volume 27 and volume 48-1/48-2 are only available in PDF. They will be included in your files, as there is no other digital version available at this time.

  • The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories (2 Volumes) Paperback


    Before invading the Soviet Union, the German authorities set up special units meant to secure the area behind the German front. Orthodox historians claim that these unites called Einsatzgruppen primarily engaged in rounding up and mass-murdering Jews. This study sheds a critical light into this topic by reviewing all the pertinent sources as well as material traces. It reveals on the one hand that original war-time documents do not fully support the orthodox genocidal narrative, and on the other that most post-“liberation” sources such as testimonies and forensic reports are steeped in Soviet atrocity propaganda and thus utterly unreliable. In addition, material traces of the claimed massacres are rare due to an attitude of collusion by governments and Jewish lobby groups. Set of two volumes.