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We at Castle Hill strive to steadily publish more content that the powers that be want to suppress. Our books and videos are banned from all platforms imaginable: Amazon has banned us. Barnes & Nobel has banned us. The US book distributor Ingram has banned us. EBay has banned us. YouTube has banned us. Vimeo has banned us. Bitchute blocks our channel in most countries of the world. PayPal has banned us. Many other payment gateways have banned us. All major media outlets have banned us from placing advertisements. Many countries in the world confiscate our products and burn them. The United Nations have passed a resolutions calling on all the countries in the world to suppress our products by any means possible.

The only way for us to survive in such a toxic environment where government and corporate censorship is so comprehensive is by advertising directly to our customers, by focusing our marketing efforts on alternative social media, and by appealing to our patrons and supporters directly to help us fund our various projects. Read further below for a description of the various publication projects we currently pursue.

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Our Projects We Ask You to Support

Although we could created donation “products” for each of the below entries, allowing you to donate for specific projects, the truth is that any incoming donations have always been, and will always be, allocated to the project that currently has the most-urgent need in funding, which may shift at any given moment. So we are no longer pretending to be able to assign incoming donations to a certain project. That’s simply not how we can operate. Therefore, any donation made will plug holes wherever they may occur. With that said, here are our current projects in need of funding:

The Real Auschwitz Chronicle: The History of the Auschwitz Camps Told by Authentic Wartime Documents (Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 48)

Based on thousands of documents, the events of the Auschwitz Camp are reconstructed day by day, and parallel to this, it is shown which witch brew made out of it by the Polish, Jewish and Allied propaganda. This book will replace Danuta Czech’s highly flawed and deficient Auschwitz Chronicle, an orthodox compendium of lies and deceptions which should be relegated from the non-fiction library section of to fiction section. The book’s first draft has been submitted, containing mostly documents found in Moscow and British archives. Now we fill it in with more documents and events from German and Polish archives.

The Dachau Gas Chamber: Documents, Testimonies, Material Evidence (Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 49)

Dachau is one of the most-notorious Third-Reich camps, and its alleged homicidal gas chamber is arguably its most-valuable tourist attraction. It’s about time revisionists gave this facility their full attention. Carlo Mattogno started researching this one in late 2020, and he submitted his preliminary text in late January 2022. It’s slated to be translated once Volume 48 (see previous entry) has reached a mature stage.

Holocaust Encyclopedia

With the encyclopedic knowledge leading revisionists have accumulated about the Holocaust, they are now in the position of writing their own Holocaust Encyclopedia, blowing the dismal three-volume mainstream encyclopedia out of the water. We already have a lead editor assigned to this project, who started working on it in March 2022. Many knowledgeable revisionists from all over the world are assisting. This work will appear both in print and online, in both German and English (and later maybe other languages). A dedicated website for this project is already in the making.