Heresy in Twenty-First Century France | PDF Download

A Case of Insubmission to the “Holocaust” Dogma


Note: this little book of “Holocaust” heresy earned its author a six-month prison sentence as well as fines and orders to pay damages totaling over $100,000, although he had only distributed it privately.


A French schoolboy born during the Second World War war is considered highly gifted in both the sciences and literature and sees a very promising future opening up before him.

Fate is to decide otherwise.

He enters adolescence learning that his father was shot dead in obscure circumstances one day in April 1944. And the First World War had already killed his father’s father.

Then other deaths in the family weigh on the boy.

The time comes for painful, piercing questions. What is the meaning of these deaths, these wars and, in particular, these Franco-German carnages?

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Why in 1870, 1914, 1939, were so many Frenchmen sent to their death in order to kill Germans?

Why had there been that trial at Nuremberg? What right had the butchers of the winning side to sit in judgment of the defeated and hanged them?

Are we in the presence of a curse? Of a taboo? Why do we no longer have the right to ask questions about certain things? To re-examine history? Why have we needed a law for the repression of skeptics? Who wanted this to happen?

Questions. Answers. Encounters. A mind that searches. A heart that is stirred. A life turned upside down.

A man who is unsubdued and pure of heart wants to believe that, at the dawn of the third millennium, a free and open debate on the most tragic page of the twentieth century will at last be joined.