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Castle Hill Publishers has teamed up with The Barnes Review and is proud to offer subscriptions to this prestigious historical journal to our readers alongside our growing catalog of books!  When you subscribe using our link, 50% of your purchase goes to CHP!  PLEASE NOTE:  Choose this option ONLY if you are ordering from outside of North America.

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We’ve joined forces with one of our favorite periodicals on the planet—and To be entirely honest, we should have done this a long time ago.  But at long last, it’s finally happening.  Two giants in the revisionist history community are coordinating efforts for the mutual benefit of our readers and the dismay of those who have long sought to censor us into the memory hole. This combined offensive against the enemies of free speech, truth, and liberty by two of the biggest publishers of real, uncensored history is forging an alliance in an effort to not just report it, but to make history.

The Barnes Review has always shown a true tenacity in and talent for critical historical inquiry into records spanning the whole of human history. We may not always agree with all of their conclusions, but the value and relevance of this is simply inestimable. For if we can reasonably say “We can’t understand the present without understanding World War 2,” we can similarly say that we can’t understand World War 2 without understanding the history that came before it.

To say nothing of the fact that TBR publishers a rather impressive selection of books on WW2, and has published many compelling articles on that topic as well, at times dedicating entire issues of the prestigious quarterly to WW2; all this while boasting a rather expansive archive of historical articles honing in on forsaken or forgotten aspects of our history, and offering piercing insight and analysis into key events spanning the centuries.

The Barnes Review features engaging and intriguing analysis of events and figures not just relevant to WW2, but all throughout the course of history.

Both CHP and TBR are iconic publishers who specialize in print and digital media that fearlessly mine the depths of real history.  As time goes on and our adversaries get bolder in their efforts to censor and suppress the truth, we are reminded of the words of Benjamin Franklin when he said:  “Gentlemen, we must hang together.  Or we shall surely hang separately!” Both of us have been fighting the same battle against the same enemies and we both have been dealing with the fallout. Heretofore, we’ve been fighting alone. But no longer.  Today, we circle the wagons. It’s past time that we put aside our petty differences and stand shoulder-to-shoulder against our common foes.  We are delighted and honored to link arms (as it were) with this excellent publisher, and are confident that we will strike a lasting blow for the cause of truth in history and freedom of speech and inquiry through our cooperation.

So what does this mean for our readers? It means that we’re officially offering TBR subscriptions as a complement to our books here in our store.  What’s more, when you subscribe to TBR using our code, CHP gets 50% of the proceeds. So in addition to availing yourself of a truly excellent historical magazine virtually unrivaled in its scope and dedication to the cause of truth, in so doing, you’re actually supporting us in a way that is exponentially more profitable to us than when you buy any of the books we sell from other publishers.
PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for international orders outside of North America.

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